Darkness envelops all.

In the darkness there is no time, no form, nothing manifest. All is as one, all is blackest of black.

And our minds are free to imagine anything and everything within that darkness. Fears rise up within us, fantasies suddenly seem possible despite the lack of shadow and shape.

Darkness is the womb of the mind. From the womb we came, dark and warm, safe and all enveloping. It was our first experience, the pristine, prime phenomenon. And from far back in time we are haunted by memories of the savage forest, bristling with nocturnal life before twilight, peopled by menace and threat. Yes, darkness is also dangerous.

We look up to the heavens, and witness the solitary star, stationary and utterly lonely amongst the vast nothingness of space. A celestial candle, faintly wavering within the eternal, unoccupied darkness.

And possibly, just possibly, once her energies have all been spent, the Goddess will rest within this very darkness.

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