Cosmo-Biological Elementalism

Cosmo-Biological Elementalism is so defined due to each image consisting of both cosmic or astronomical elements alongside biological or organic elements. This is an art without scale, a sperm doubles as a comet, each star as a single cell.

The essential structures, or ‘elements’ of dynamic energetic processes at work in both our physical universe and in our inner (psychic) universe are described by means of a unique visual language; a geometrical vocabulary is employed consisting of cosmic, physical and organic elements combined, their individual forms drawn from the entire history of art itself. This is an integral art form, a pictorial integration of disparate elements, with each symbol set moulded and formed into a harmonious whole.

Structures found in Paleolithic cave art rub shoulders with modern advertising symbols, figures taken from astronomical diagrams combine with symbols drawn from biological textbooks. This is an art form fully focused upon procreation in its widest sense, the birth of a child becomes the birth of the universe, the sexual act derivative from the divine act of creation, ‘as above, so below’.

It could be argued that there is a mediumistic aspect to all art; elements and archetypes from the unconscious often make themselves known through the artform at hand. With Cosmo-Biological Elementalism one finds purely spiritual images, pictorial descriptions of inner energetic processes from what is termed the ‘Internal Celestial.’ This may be described as the inner world of symbols that reflects the outer symbol field through which we navigate on a daily basis.

Common elements to be found are the cross, the sun, the Pleiades or ‘Seven Sisters’, the sperm, the comet, the star and the single cell. Here may be found the vibrational pattern of the photon, creating beautiful black and grey ripples in the pristine, white primordial symbolic soup. Forms twist, fold and turn as though spiritual energy is cascading down a waterfall like structure of ectoplasm, or is steadily swirling in a whirlpool galaxy formation.